viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

Just two of my favorite things

I thought a nice way to go into the three-day weekend would be to share some of the things I enjoy the most. I have mentioned before that I am overweight, much of which I gained after my daughter turned 6 months old. By the time she was 8 months old last August I was truly huge. The constant stress and complete lack of exercise contributed much to this. But there is also my eating habits: I love chocolate. If I don't literally talk myself out of it, I'll eat it every single day, which is what I was doing at one point.

But these days I am more in control, thanks in part to the most delicious yogurt in the universe: chocolate flavor Brown Cow Cream Top. I can have one or two of these a day because they are a healthy, nutritious snack and satisfy my need for chocolate. The cream top part of it is just an added benefit. (Click here for nutritional information)

Next to the yogurt is a Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar. That's right. Chocolate and bacon together in a delicious bar. Since it costs $7.50 and it is a gourmet chocolate I can have one every couple of months and be content. And I actually nibble on it instead of inhaling it as I used to do with my previous favorite bars, a milk chocolate 365 Whole Foods bar and a Joseph Schmidt Belgian milk chocolate bar (which isn't sold anywhere any more, I don't know why.) It is an amazing marriage of sweet and salty. It is perfect. Sadly, I've had my quota for this month. Maybe I'll give myself one for father's day... is that cheating?
What do you enjoy?

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pink fluff and stuff dijo...

I tried that bacon chocolate... someone at my old job brought it around, but I had no idea how expensive it is!
I will have to try that yogurt! Sounds delicious.

genderperformances dijo...

bacon and chocolate??? gross, you can't possibly be serious? plus, what about your professed love for pigs?


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