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GO READ: Composite: thoughts on poetics & tech: In Celebration of Bitchitude

Although I am linking to this Composite: thoughts on poetics & tech: In Celebration of Bitchitude as part of my quest to win the HP Magic Giveaway, I have to say I wouldn't do it if I didn't love Liz Henry's writing and spirit. She's a feisty bitch, that one! OK, I don't know her in person, but I don't think you have to to realize how awesome she is. My comment is number 12.

And here's what I would do: Keep a laptop/printer, then give the rest of the prizes to the Mission Graduates Tutoring Center here in San Francisco which serves 120 public school children K-5 year-round, infusing "college messaging" throughout its curriculum. Most of the children come from immigrant families and having hands-on experience with a computer will make a world of difference in their education and future opportunities in life. The following short article illustrates precisely why the Tutoring Center needs a computer: http://news.eltecolote.org/news/view_article.html?article_id=211e268f4b161f44aa5501c3a84f15e7 I know Ario personally and can vouch for his uncompromising dedication to the children's education.

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pink fluff and stuff dijo...

Although I admire the bitches and am fully in favor of women acting against the society's ideas of how women should behave, it's really, really hard to work for a bitch, and I hate it!

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