miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009


I need this space to be mine again. I need to speak truths that are mine and not be afraid of hurting my loved ones' feelings. I need to be able to say fuck and not be worried it may come back to haunt me ten years from now. I was going to start an anonymous blog but it just isn't my style. I have always put myself last, always protected others, always being the adult in every tough situation. But I am who I am. It is my turn now. My turn to share my true feelings, my true thoughts, my anger, my sadness and my happiness too (her name is Lucia) with people who will understand, people who won't judge, people who will cheer me on and cheer me up when I need it, and people who will tell me when I am out of line. So I invited a few people to share this space with me. I hope they will. And that's the truth.

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Postdictadura, Género y Sexualidad en Chile. dijo...

Hermanita...escribes tan lindo :)
Me emociona que me invites a este espacio tan intimo de tu ranteo personal <3 te amo para siempre!

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