miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Down and Dooce

What's up MoFos! I am not feeling well. I am worried about money and I have my period. I ripped my pants at work today. My "fat" pants. Not good for the soul I tell ya. I am working on a long post about my weight/health. Something interesting is that I am having trouble finding pictures of me for it because I've been avoiding being in them (say that 10 times fast!) It's sad when I think that I won't have enough pictures of me and my daughter together during her first years of life.

On a completely different note, I watched the Today Show segment about "mommy bloggers" (can't find the link now for some reason, but I'm sure Heather and Jon Armstrong will post it themselves.) I wanted to hear Heather Armstrong talk about the process of transforming her passion for writing into a weblog then into a way to make a living. Instead, Kathy Lee Gifford made idiotic comments about herself not knowing enough about "computers", and Heather had zero chance to talk in depth about anything. She was very gracious (she is a Southern lady after all), but many bloggers were left feeling frustrated and mad that neither Kathy Lee or Hoda Kotb (who is a real journalist, by the way) were remotely interested in having a real conversation. How typical to knock what you don't understand. As I said, I am sure the Armstrongs will write about this and we'll get their insiders' view of things. In the meantime, let's all hold each other and weep at the prospect of Kathy Lee being back on television. Oh, the humanity!

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