miércoles, 11 de junio de 2008

Excuse our lack of updating

We've been sick. All three of us. The House of Mofo is just a petri dish at this point. Little Lu had a fever starting last Friday and until Monday. She was miserable and cranky. So was I. I had not been feeling 100 % for at least a couple of weeks but it seems Lu brought home some nasty bug from daycare which attacked me Friday but really kicked me in the gut yesterday. I will only say that water came out of both ends. TMI? I could go on and on, trust me! Big T has been coughing like an old dog too. Lu doesn't have a fever but her nose is leaking snot like there's no tomorrow and she's coughing like her daddy. It is all very lovely. I do have posts cooking for your reading delight but I'll need a day or two to get them just right. Also I need to go to work so they won't fire me. Ya, that'd be good...

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