viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Messy Food = Yum!

Little Lu is a very messy eater. She has not mastered the correct use of a spoon or fork and definitely prefers to use her hands. When we're having spaghetti, scrambled eggs, chicken, peas, edamame, etc it's not such a problem, but then she gets furious because we won't let her eat her yogurt by herself. And she has a temper! She shakes her head no, she pushes our hands away, and she makes angry faces. It's really funny! So I finally decided that there is absolutely no harm in letting her do it. If not when you are a child, when?

She is so very happy I see no reason to ruin her fun. I am doing my best to become more laid back when it comes to her, and it is already working, but I still need to relax a lot more. I want her to have memories like my own, playing in the dirt, picking up bugs, playing with flowers and covering myself in mud. And this is a great step in that direction! After this she decided she was going to splatter yogurt all over the place. [That video I'll post tonight.] And then I gave her a bath, which she now loves. It's such a joy to see her splashing the water and looking up at me as if to say "isn't this fun, mommy?!" Yes it is baby girl, yes it is.

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