viernes, 25 de julio de 2008


I really should have been better prepared to welcome those of you coming to visit from ICLW. Also, I should have been leaving comments. I am so sorry! It just has been a very hard week at the House of Mofo and I truly couldn't find the peace of mind to do either. I have from today until Monday to make up for my lame assedness. But all of you who came and commented and told me to hang in there and that everything would get better, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's amazing how the kindness of strangers (who will hopefully become cyber-friends) can do so much to boost one's spirits! And your own personal stories are just incredibly inspiring, full of courage and generosity. One of the best things about ICLW is to get to read blogs that are different from mine and those I usually read, to get perspective on the things in life that are keeping me down. So I wanted to give you all a little shout out here:

LisaS from Letters in My Soup, who has a fuzzy finned betta.

Star who didn't leave a way to get in touch with her.

Kate from Kicking You From the Inside who really, really loves baseball.

Shawna from His Eyes and My Nose, who is worrying very much right now and can use some encouraging words :)

Kymberli from I'm A Smart One who is not only smart, she's beautifull inside and out.

Michelle from Mommy Confessions who has the best tag line EVER!

Suzanne from That Cool Broad a truly cool, and very sweet, broad.

The lovely woman behind Stop the train, I Wanna Get Off whose starts have aligned.

Katie, the British lady at The View Fron the Hill, up which she often climbs.

Michelle, the coffee drinking mom at Gotcha, Baby!

And Carrie at Letting It Out! who is carrying twins due in just two months!!! **Now with correct link**

To all of you a huge THANKS for coming and don't be strangers please, I promise to be a better host! And if you haven't signed up for International Comment Leaving Week, do so for next month here.

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Echloe dijo...

Saying hi from ICLW. I'm a bay area person too. : )

Dreams Come True dijo...

I'm just here from ICLW.

First, I have to say that your daughter is beautiful! I love the sleeping picture... babies sleeping are just too much for words to ever express. Just the sweetness and innocence that shines from them...

I also want to send you the best wishes as you try to find a way to get through this difficult financial time.

Liddy dijo...

A visitor from ICLW.

I too have been enjoying ICLW! What a great way to get introduced to lots of new blogs!

Sassy dijo...

Isn't IComLeavWe awesome. :)

Arian dijo...

I love that ICLW post! Very cool! I have also enjoyed reading other peeps blogs this week!

Hope2morrow dijo...

I hope things get better for you. Sometimes writing goals down helps.

Take care.

alicia dijo...

hasn't ICLW been so fun!!

here from ICLW

Kymberli dijo...

Gracias para tu palabras simpaticas por me.

That probably completely sucked, but that's about as well as 2 years of high school and 3 semesters of college Spanish worked out for me. :)

You're so kind!

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