lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

The holidays in pictures

I didn't want to end this fabulous year (note the sarcasm) without sharing some of our best holiday moments. Sadly, I am not anywhere near my camera so all I have for you is cell phone pictures. I don't appear in the pictures. I am fat and avoid cameras (I'm sure there's a whole post or series of them there) but I promise to wax my lip and eyebrows and trim my bangs and take a couple of shots for you... soon... before the year is out.

This pretty little lady refuses to wear her mittens at all so this is the only proof I have that she does have a pair and that I do try to keep her warm. The hat is actually too small for her head so cousin Ramona will inherit that. See that cute little smile? She's looking at a group of homeless persons that were gathered at that corner smoking some fine tobacco... One of the saddest things about San Francisco is the amount of homeless people that live here and how many of them are families with children. Of course that's yet another story for another time.

This picture is a small sample of a new habit my precious little lady has developed: as soon as she sees a camera she becomes very serious or looks the other way or will not sit still. On purpose. To drive me insane. More than I already am, which if you ask those who know me seems like an impossibility, and yet...

This is Big T, all dressed up on Xmas Day. We did not celebrate but did treat ourselves to some delicious food at Miller's East Coast, West Coast Deli on Polk Street. We had asked our good friend Anya to come with us but she says *cough* that her phone was on silent *cough* so we took this picture and sent it to her. We didn't hear back from her until maybe two or three hours later, after I had already succumbed to all sorts of hysterical thoughts about her and her s.o. being dead in their apartment or something, so much so that we even drove there but had no way to call up and so we instead took Lu to the park.

And this very crappy picture is all I could manage to take with my cell phone yesterday at the War Memorial Opera House were we went to see the Nutcracker ballet, courtesy of auntie Anya. Unfortunaltely auntie didn't know that 2 year olds don't really know how to sit still and can't last the whole performance without melting into a puddle of whiiiiine. But it was wonderful and memorable and I am so grateful to my friend for beign so sweet. I am so happy that Lu has such a wonderful auntie. So, I leave you with a semi-smiling Anya:

Happy Chanukah auntie Anya!

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